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In 1997,Giddyap Girls Biscuit Company® was founded.

We started Giddyap Girls® with a goal of making the Very Best Treat in the Equine marketplace. Our guiding words: Quality and Integrity.

That first year, a Superior Formula was developed that focused on Horse Health, Taste Preference and Functionality.  

The Treats would contain No Sugar, No Wheat, and No Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients.

Honest and true ingredients were chosen that would be good for Horses like Apples, Carrots, Oats and Beet Pulp, Vitamins & Minerals.

Today, our Treats are still the Very Best, with Naturally Sourced Live Probiotics that help your horse's digestive system stay healthy and absorb the wonderful ingredients in our Original Recipe.

Being a horsewoman, I understand the needs of the equestrian, and have developed additional products that provide solutions to every-day equine problems.

  • BioEZ® Digestive Optimizer offers visible results, because Healthy Digestion = Healthy Horse. 
  • The Original SoakingBoot®  replaces the water bucket for a safer hot or cold soak.  { Yep, Giddyap invented the SoakingBoot™}
  • Oxi-CleanTabs™are "Soaking Booster" tablets that 'Help Hooves Heal Faster'™ with your Epsom Salts Soaking.
  • Vapor Boot™ is used in Chlorine Dioxide Hoof Treatments

All Giddyap Girls® products are Made in the USA with the very best ingredients & materials, and we stand behind our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Quality & Integrity.

With Giddyap Girls® you can be sure that you are giving The Very Best!

I love spending time with my horse, and hope that my products enhance the time you spend with your horse.

Make somebody smile!

Giddyap Girls®